How does the product work?

Pearl waterless Advanced Ultra Nano formula instantly encapsulates and emulsifies the dirt and grime particles on contact, which then allows the Micro fibre cloth to rapidly absorb and lift all the liquefied soils away from the surface without scratching the paintwork, safely forming a protective barrier between the dirt and the paintwork, preventing it from coming into contact with the vehicle surface again. The carnauba wax also provides a protective barrier dramatically reducing paint oxidization and UV rays which are extremely damaging to painted surfaces whilst imparting an outstanding shiny, highly protective anti-static glaze finish which water will always bead on.

This superior polished non-stick surface repels the dirt and dust ensuring your vehicle stays cleaner for that much longer. Repeated use of Advanced Ultra Nano with Nano carnauba wax, which in its pure form is harder than concrete, will ensure your paintwork stays protected for longer against those harmful manufactured and natural airborne elements, such as acid rain residue, catalytic converter emissions, road tar, tree sap, road grime, and salt.

Clay Treatment ?

Many elements such as tree sap, bird droppings,acid rain cause industrial fall out on your paintwork. Gives your cars paint work a rough feeling and in many cases it looks like tiny rust spots. More visible on white cars. we remove this with clay bar. Giving your paintwork a smooth feel and then we do a hand polish to seal it

Valet Treatment ?

  • Engine bay and covers
  • wash and wax
  • Seat clean
  • Mats clean
  • Roof clean
  • Dash and door panels
  • Vacuum
  • Spare Wheel well
  • Wheels,arches,tyres
  • Windows

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